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  • Passive Income Stream.
  • Sets you apart – 1% of the population ever publishes a book.
  • Instant Credibility Booster. Helps you become an authority on a particular topic.


  • DIY: You do nearly everything yourself, from copy, editing to formatting to marketing.
  • Assisted: You do some of the work yourself, but you also hire a team of editors, designers, publicists, etc. to help in the skills you don’t currently have.
  • Hybrid Model: You hire a publishing company to take on the complete “publisher” role but allowing you to retain full ownership of your project and earnings.


  • I used Wasteland Press for my first book.  It was not perfect but got my book up and published quickly. You pick a plan and get anywhere from 15-30% royalty for paperback and they will add on a Kindle, Nook or Apple version for a small fee and you get 70% royalty.  I would probably do it differently next time like using CreateSpace.
  • My book paperback is priced at $12.00 and Kindle priced at $7.99.
  • Traditional Publisher: You ONLY get 5–15% royalty, don’t control art, pricing, slow process, less control, don’t own print license. 
  • A simple and quick way to self-publish is to go to CreateSpace (owned by Amazon), check the box that you want to be both paperback and Kindle, pick a cover, upload your manuscript, and in a few days you will be published on Amazon and people can start buying your book.
  • Amazon has a self-publishing service called Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) at
  • Amazon gives you 70% royalty if you price your e-book between $2.99 and $9.99. You can do whatever you want creatively.

BOTTOM LINE – Just get started writing and there are plenty of platforms to help you get it published and printed and distributed.

FYI – Chandler Bolt has a great blog about self-publishing at

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