Seller financing is a powerful way to maximize your returns and to build passive income. He are the top 9 reasons to seller finance your own home versus selling outright.

Top 9 Reasons To Seller Finance Your Home:

  1. You can sell home faster since 51% of adults in US have poor credit.  Bigger pool of potential buyers.
  2. Reduce tax burden.  Pay taxes only on interest income for that tax year.
  3. Steady income stream which last for years.
  4. Yields are higher than putting money to work in a bank, money market, CD (certificate of deposit), or bonds.
  5. Command a higher price since people with less than perfect credit cannot get traditional financing. 
  6. Less liability versus renting home.
  7. Buyer maintains and improves the property.
  8. Buyer’s have homeowner mentality and not rental mentality.
  9. Better liquidity….
    • You can sell the entire note faster than selling property.
    • You can sell a partial note for super fast cash.
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