This is a quick rant about how you should not live your life for Fridays. If you hate 5 of the 7 days in a week then you seriously need to rethink everything. Take action and pursue a new career or start a new business.

I was in the corporate world for 18 years and the last 4-5 years I really did not enjoy it. Therefore, I took action and starting working on my real estate business by burning the midnight oil and working at nights and the weekend until I felt comfortable leaving my job.

I hate to think that people spend 70% of their life doing something they dread and just waiting for that one day…Friday to come around again. Sure weekends are fun with family and friends but you can have that feeling everyday when you get up doing what excites you.

My goal was to build passive income and continue to add a new passive income stream each month. Yes it takes work but once you get the machine running and you dollars working for you things start to snowball.

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