Most people try to trade the stock market with little to no success. You need a consistent plan for receiving monthly income from alternative assets. Here are some alternative asset examples:

  1.  Mortgage Notes – secured by real estate.*
  2. Private Lending – secured by real estate.*
  3. Single and Multifamily Rentals – secured by real estate.*
  4. Private Equity – funds used to buy private companies.
  5. Direct Investment in Start Ups – angel investing
  6. Commodities – oil, gold, grains, etc.
  7. Hedge Funds – differ from private equity and venture capital in that more liquid since invest in public companies.
  8. Private Placement Debt – debt used to finance a private company, while giving investors a steady stream of cash flow.

Do you really want to trade this? Graph shows first 10 months (through Oct 25) of 2018 S&P 500.

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